Jo's five November things.......


1. DOING - St. Ives to Zennor coastal walk.

Having visited St. Ives for over 15 years I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I had never done the walk to Zennor. Lucky enough to have relocated here this year I have finally done it! All I can say is that is was absolutely stunning….and also slightly longer than anticipated! We set off after a delicious breakfast at the Portmeor Café, one of my favourite spots to eat & drink in St. Ives. After leaving Porthmeor Beach and the views of St. Ives from Man’s Head behind us the walk started in earnest – varying from fairly flat stretches to some steeper ups & downs whilst treating us to fantastic views of the view interspersed with inlets and coves along the way. 3.5 hours later we arrived, somewhat weary and need of refreshment we made it to The Tinner’s Arms and spent a few more hours whiling away the time in the sun. A truly heavenly day and start to exploring my new home.

 2. VISITING - Newly re-opened & extended Tate St. Ives

My family and I have always loved the Tate St. Ives building but often left a little disappointed by how much (not enough) art was actually in the building and a feeling there should be more work based upon artists from or connected to St. Ives. Feeling excited about the re-opening and the extension in mid-October we were delighted to find the original building now full of works bringing to life the infamous xxx period of St. Ives art. We were then treated to experiencing the new extension – whilst just concrete and light it is an incredible space. This year I have also finally discovered the reflection of the sea in the front atrium – go and spot it!

 3. READING - stacks of yoga books!

 A lot of yoga books! I am just nearing the completion of my Hatha Yoga 200 hour diploma so with my final 3000 word essay to complete and my teaching assessment on the horizon the study is strewn with books. My interest in complementary therapy began over 15 years ago when I trained in reflexology so I am particularly enjoying reading about the effect of yoga on the subtle energy body. My essay will focus on an in depth understanding of the chakra model and how this can be used to develop one’s yoga practice. I am also exploring yin yoga and the links Chinese Medicine and the Five Elements which I studied in depth previously – looks like more training courses will be booked for next year!!!

4. WATCHING - films & ballet at Newlyn Picturehouse soon!

I have newly discovered there is a Picturehouse at Newlyn, a lovely fishing ton just on the other side of the peninsula form St. Ives which shows films but also ballet & opera performances along with short documentaries of some artists. I am now rather excited by the prospect of being able to watch Swan Lake & The Nutcracker without having to travel up country in the next few months!

 5. EATING / DRINKING - Komboucha & Kefir hopefully!

 If you happened to be following By The Sea during our first retreat in October you may remember Dr Lauren Cara visited us and gave a highly informative talk about gut health. Lauren’s own journey to understanding and using gut health knowledge was through illness, however, I realized listening to her it would most likely benefit all of us. Since then I have had it on my to do list to “add gut health stuff” into my diet. Having been rather busy I haven’t done anything about this yet. BUT……as I sit here and write I can tell you I am about to try kefir and komboucha. My friends Issy & Phobe, from Project-Pico (pants for good as they are organic, ethical, sustainable) are here helping me get rid of the magnolia walls we arrived to in the new house! Phoebe happens to be a gut health officiando – I’ll let you know how it goes next month!

Julia's "Five things......"

J U L I A                                                                                          

1. Beauty - MOA & Cludalie                                                 

We were very lucky to be sent MOA Cleansing balm for our retreat goody bags.  My skin can sometimes dry out with cleansing products but this suits my skin to a treat. In fact I ran out of moisturiser for a few days last week and used this balm on its own - unheard of for me as my skin just feels like it's going to crack but this worked!

On the subject of Moisturisers I recently stumbled into a great shop called Tonic in Broadway, Worecestshire. OH MY DAYS! Right up my street stocking many of my favorite products. After a quick consultation, the owner recommended Cludalie products for my skin and I already couldn't do without ( other than those days I seem to run out of everything). My skin drinks this stuff up, much needed rehydration as the heating goes on. 

2. Visiting - Plants and Pilates                                            

I'm very lucky to live in an area of outstanding beauty and have the privilege of teaching in some pretty amazing spaces.  Plants & Pilates is a vegan cafe based in the courtyard of Downdog and Crow where I teach.  Naz's food is incredibly delicious and versatile.  I rarely start a class without an Almond Milk flat white.  I'm not a vegan but was a vegetarian for more than 20 years,  my diet would come from more of an ayurvedic ethos of eating foods that nurture you which Plants & Pilates has a skill for.  Post class treat standard is their peanut butter cookie.

3. Doing  - Walks in the Country  

I'm guilty of not taking enough advantage of this but on the occasion I get a chance I do and vow to do it more.  A simply day out doesn't need to cost a thing (although passing by the local shop for treats along the way helps).  There's nothing that pleases me more than walking and chatting with my 2 boys.  They're growing up so fast and our conversations are evolving rapidly.  This to me is the highest realm of yoga.                                   

4. Reading - A Modern Way to Cook by Anna Jones   

For those of you who weren't on our first retreat, we all had the pleasure to listen to an amazing Gut Health talk from the inspirational Lauren Cara whom i'm grateful to call a friend.  Since then I've been delving further in to the benefits of good gut bacteria.  I've always spent time looking at nutrition having passed a diploma a few life times ago.  Whilst not strictly a "gut health" book it has many wonderful holistic nurturing recipes to incorporate in to daily family life.                                               

5. Listening to / Watching -  Nadine Shah &  Stranger Things

This is always going to be a tricky one as my passion equal to yoga is music. I listen to an eclectic range of music daily.  As I type this I've just finished watching the first series of Stranger Things (OH MY GOD), which I'll mention in a mo and popped on a "daily mix" on my Spotify, Nadine Shah popped up.  I've always loved a bit of female angst, PJ Harvey would be my main female stalwart over the last 25 years or so.  Nadine Shah's music isn't my absolute favourite, however I've seen her live twice and she's pretty outstanding plus I like her archaist activist attitude and her ethos on the refugee crisis.  

Now, can we just take a moment to appreciate the Netflix series Stranger Things, It's taken me a while to jump on this bandwagon due to never having any time to commit to a full series but OH MY, I could not stop watching, a sheer indulgence but one I can't stop.  The soundtrack for me is brilliant too, so give that it a whirl if you haven't as yet - highly recommended.

So that's all for this month.  

More to follow.


Julia x